A place to enjoy a meal and socialize with other students. We also help our students develop a healthy eating habit and eat a variety of foods.

Mealtimes should be an enjoyable and relaxing part of the school day for students and teachers alike when they take a break from demanding classroom work, socialize, and become nourished. Our lunchroom prepares high-quality, nutritious food and demonstrates the breadth of delicious Turkish cuisine. We use local and organic produce and make everything from scratch from quality ingredients in our kitchen. Ready-made, canned, and frozen products are not used in our meals and organic bread produced in our own kitchen with quality ingredients is offered at all meals. We serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack during the weekdays.

Health and Security


As a school, it is our duty to have proper procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of our school community. As part of this effort, our Health Center offers services during school hours. There is a doctor and a nurse available at all times. It is equipped to treat all kinds of emergencies and if need be, an ambulance is called immediately. After a patient is transferred to a hospital, we keep track of his/her treatment. We also closely monitor our students for their illnesses and the medications they use.


Trained security guards help ensure the security of the school and the students, and they are able to take necessary steps at the right time and safeguard the children and school premises 24 hours. To assist the security personnel, there are more than 54 cameras mounted all around the campus and the surveillance cameras are closely monitored by the security guards. All the entries and exits to the campus are supervised by the security guards and they perform security duties all around the campus and its surroundings at day and night times, patrolling property and checking any irregularities and violations. They check the parent drop-off and pick up points at the front entrance.  They also respond to emergency situations taking place in and outside the school campus. 


The staff of Al-Beruniy International School is full of talented, skilled and specially prepared proffessionals who aim to make the world better! The way to achive their goal, they will start by giving the best education for the younger generation!


How the idea of ABIS was born? Why we decided to open the school? Why Al – Beruniy School is the best place to get education for children? All these questions were answered by our GM in his letter!


Al – Beruniy International School is one of the most modern private schools nowadays! In this school kids develop all kind of skills and get the best education!