Clubs and activities

A huge variety of extracurricular activities are run throughout the school year. 

They’re specifically designed to inspire and encourage pupils to explore their hidden talents. 


History and Government

Spend the day at a historical site significant to your lessons. Take a walk through a notable cemetery. Learn more about ancient history by visiting an archaeological site. Find out more about presidents, thinkers and important people at historic birthplace museums. Ask to show your students around a local fire or police station. Walk in the footsteps of the past on a historic trail. Travel the same roads as people did hundreds of years ago with an education bike or hike on a historical trail. Learn how mail works at the post office. See the past in action by visiting a historical reenactment. Learn about culture at a historical site or museum.


Study a play performed in a theater. Learn more about famous artists at an museum. Plan a trip to a local religious facility. See artists in action at an art studio. Take in a local festival. Listen up at a local concert or orchestral performance. Teach your students about photography with their own photo shoots. Visit a make-your-own pottery studio. Learn more about famous authors by visiting their cities or places they wrote about. Make arts and crafts at a local store or studio.

Science and Nature

Plan a visit to a science center or museum. Take a tour of a laboratory to see how tests are performed and how real science works. Get a greater understanding of the night sky through a show at a planetarium. Take an afternoon to study animals and their habitats at the zoo. Visit Science Lab and Dinosaurs Hall. Study the names and appearance of trees at an Botanic Graden Go for a hike in a nearby park or woods. Learn how plants grow at a greenhouse. Study your local biome with an environmental tour. Study the skies at an observatory. Go bird watching to see the birds that call your area home. Explore the natural world in a national or state park.


Find a local factory and take a tour. Learn more about transportation at a railway station or take a train ride of your own. Plan a trip to a farm to learn where food comes from. Take in the sights at an aviation museum. Go to a bakery to see how breads, pastries and other baked goods are made.Pick fruits and vegetables at a local orchard or farm. Find out about where power comes from at a local power plant.


Study distinctive homes in your community. Plan out a tour on foot or on bike of your city. Get valuable business lessons from a local entrepreneur. See where your water comes from at a water treatment facility.

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