Our Facilities

We strive to ensure that each and every student feels safe, happy and unique. 

Your kids enjoy learning with the following facilities: Innovative classes with adjustable furniture, including sofas, poufs, carpets, reading corners and etc. which make the education process flexible and the learning comfortable for kids.


Special spaces designed for individual, team and group work:

  • Science and ICT labs
  • Gymnasium designed for PE, yoga and fitness
  • Library with tones of books
  • Medical Clinic with an experienced nurse
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play area
  • Dining Room and many more.

Circle Time

Clay can fascinate a child and keep him or her interested in the activity for hours. It is one of the world’s oldest art forms and it has an extremely calming effect. Children who attend pottery classes tend to be quiet because they are too busy creating a work of art. Pottery helps a child improve their coordination, focus and creativity. 

Mom’s Cafe

While your kids enjoy the lessons with their adorable teachers, their moms are welcome to have some tea or coffee, read some books, and have some time for self-care. We organize trainings and workshops for our beautiful moms in different fields, including health and safety, beauty and aesthetics, design and interior, and many more. 


Our classes are designed for maximum student comfort and are equipped with modern technologies (like smart boards), information and resource centers, and a laboratory for conducting experiments.

Arts, Maths and Language

All parents want their children to understand the exact, humanitarian and computer sciences, and we responsibly approach our role in this process, providing students with all the necessary tools to make mathematics, foreign languages and computer skills become an interesting world for them and serve as a source of inspiration.

Multifunctional Hall

Your child’s health is important for us, as is his intellectual development, therefore physical education is included in our curriculum, and after school additional sports sections, dance and yoga classes are organized. Our school has high-quality sports equipment.


In ABIS — nutrition is about more than the food on the plate. It’s an important part of our educational model. We serve meals with healthier ingredients, like whole grains, proteins to keep bellies full, plenty of fruits and vegetables. We don’t mind a little mess!


A school is not just a place where lessons are held; its task is to develop students. Al-Beruniy International School has interesting types of additional entertainment and educational leisure, both inside and outside the school.

Security 24/7

We are not just providing a good education. We are also entrusting your child’s safety and well-being.

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