Visiting Professor's Letter

Al - Beruniy International School

How the idea was born …
There was a great sence of duty to our Land … Once great Al- Beruniy did it, did it almost thousand years ago … Ibn Sina also made it possible… And now it is our turn because we are descendents of those great people, having the same intentions, emotions, thoughts and living on the same land. We are honouring them today and we have named our schools after his name.
Al -Beruniy International School …

ABIS was founded in 2019. This is an Educational Institution the goal of which is to offer accessible, affordable and quality education  for all, because the education should be affordable for all and should ensure equil opportunities.
ABIS will always be open for the children of our land.

Today, the education of our children has become a top priority, as technology, transport and economic conditions are erasing borders of countries making the world smaller and getting people closer to each other.

Therefore the mission of ABIS will always be providing good quality education.

The fact that our students study English the main language of science and nations as a second language is of key importance for their integration with the world.
ABIS has implemented programs that allow all students to speak English at least on the level of the second language.
Language immersion programmes had been introduced in ABIS schools of general programmes sought to enable children to gain proficiency in the English language, while also developing their mother tongue.

Technologies and products alone cannot be an educational model, because the established new world order makes everyone move at breakneck speed. Scientific progress requires new standards, and our students will be trained in technology so that they can effectively use them, interpret and offer their products to serve humanity.

Mathematics, Astronomy, History, Geography, Physics, Geometry and other disciplines, all of them may offer a number of conveniences and possibilities for humanity, for our life but only if they can be applied and well studied.

Our students will be able to deal with the all sciences in their workshops, laboratories, technical classes … The school should not be just a place where information is studied and memorized, it must be a place where values of life ​​are discovered and revealed.

Our art, sports, music, folklore features and the indispensable values ​​of our culture, all of them will find their place in ABIS, and all our students will grow into individuals who realize their aesthetic and cultural values, brought from our traditions, and respect them.

Our journey to the wonderful land of ABIS will start with our preschool education and lead to ABIS schools and further to the Universities, until we arrive to a worthy and recognized vast educational circle. And we hope to accompany you during this beautiful and exciting journey …

Mehmet Zeki ATICI |Visiting Professor