We grow up together with our pupils. Their success is ours, and our future is in their hands. That is why the school emphasizes the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.  The Lead Teacher, together with the Kinder Teaching Fellow, facilitate opportunities for children to interact with academic, physical, and social concepts in goal-oriented activities throughout the day.

Our education experts have designed a range of broad, balanced and comprehensive curricular that meet the educational needs of every child and the world standards they need to. 

Although the school follows British curriculum we included the elements of Montessori, Creative and Cooperative Education, Finland system, Bilingual Education and many more?


Accreditation is a guarantee that the school has met the exacting requirements of a particular accreditation agency — COBIS, CIS, CAMBRIDGE, etc. These standards are thoroughly checked by a team of educational professionals. In meeting these standards, we are showing that we are a school that is top quality in every area of its operation.

Currently the school has applied for PEARSON and IPC membership because this year we have Pre-school classes only. The school will apply for Cambridge and CIS membership and accreditation after starting the Primary school.


Learner support is one of the critical components of an effective learning environment. It focuses on what the teacher or instructor can or should do to help learners beyond the formal delivery of content, or skills development. Besides this the diversity of experiences, skills, interests and the needs that learners bring to the learning situation can encompass the following:

  • Students experiencing learning differences related to language, literacy and numeracy
  • Students with social emotional disorders and behavioural difficulties
  • Students with chronic health challenges
  • Students who have experiences circumstances of disadvantage related to social or cultural background
  • Students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds for whom English is a second language (ESL)
  • Students from International destinations
  • Students with atypical gifts and talents who require enriched and extended learning tasks
  • Students with special educational needs (SEN)

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