Al-Beruniy International School cordially invites you to the Olympiad for a prize of

74.000.000 sum Scholarship!

Sample Questions for Math and English could be downloaded from links below:

Al- Beruniy International School

WELCOME to “Al-Beruniy”

The system covers all of the major subjects along with promoting the national identity, moral values and humanity. Your child will study all of the essential subjects focusing on creative thinking, forward planning, hard working and mutual respect as well as developing those important skills.

Al-Beruniy International School

Limitless learning, more possibilities

Ultimately, this is a curriculum designed to help children meet the challenges of a changing world. No matter where your child will study, the British curriculum combined with the strong personal and social development will guide them to the bright future.

Thus we are the prime choice between the majority of schools in Uzbekistan!


High-Qualified Teachers


Al - Beruniy International School

Become the best with us!

Get the Best Education

Studying in Al - Beruniy International School will open a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their abilities in all the spheres!

Recieve Double Certificate

All Al - Beruniy International School graduates receive the local certificate as well as the Pearson International certificate. This gives a lot of opportunities for their future career!

Be the Most Innovative

The teaching method in Al - Beruniy International School can be considered as one of the most innovative ones worldwide! Teachers regularly participate in trainings held by foreign professionals. All the school equipment is up to date with international standards!

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