WELCOME to “Al-Beruniy”



The system covers all of the major subjects along with promoting the national identity, moral values and humanity. Your child will study all of the essential subjects focusing on creative thinking, forward planning, hard working and mutual respect as well as developing those important skills.

Ultimately, this is a curriculum designed to help children meet the challenges of a changing world. No matter where your child will study, the British curriculum combined with the strong personal and social development will guide them to the bright future.

Thus we are the prime choice between the majority of schools in Uzbekistan!


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Admission office:

+998 55 500 22 00

«Our curriculum has one core goal: to help young people flourish academically, morally and personally inside a flexible system»

We are a truly remarkable school by any measure, preparing our students to be successful wherever they go. The imaginative and creative curriculum we teach is very carefully planned to meet the needs of our children from the first steps. Students who go through this system explore the world from a very young age and are aware of not just their local surroundings but of global circumstances as well.

This is place where students are nurtured and guided to take ownership of their own learning, where students are engaged and active participants in real-world learning and problems.

It is a place where leadership is an inherent part of everything we do, where students lead by example and understand the importance of community and service to the community.