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International School

ABIS locates in Tashkent city and provides a full school programme for children between 5 to 11. We welcome a wide range of students to study British curriculum. Through our fantastic teaching and learning resources, our pupils can pursue their passions and strive for excellence. 

We encourage parents interested in contacting our school to visit us during the work day.

We conduct scheduled school trips under the guidance of our teachers with the opportunity to discuss the reception of your child. You can contact by phone (+998) 71 245 40 00 to organize a school tour. All tours are on schedule, so booking in advance is necessary. 

Principal’s Welcome 

This is place where students are nurtured and guided to take ownership of their own learning, where students are engaged and active participants in real-world learning.

Al-Beruniy project implements its activities in four main directions:


Preparing children to ABIS International School. Lessons are conducted in a playful and joyful way using a innovative techniques.

Children from 4 years are accepted.


British curriculum. All subjects are taught exclusively in English.

— for boys and girls of 1-4 classes;

— lessons start from 08:30 to 17:30;

— organized 4 meals during the day;

— 2 certificates of education are issued

(international and national)


— girls of 1-8 classes are accepted in russian and uzbek classes;

— classes are held from 08:30 to 17:30;

— with in-depth study of English and mathematics;

— 4 meals during the day are provided


Learning centre where classes are conducted by teachers with extensive experience in the program, which specialize in language courses, exact science and school of early intensive education

Our Objectives

Children love our school. We will provide educational services that allow all children to experience learning success and become life-long learners and contributing members of our community offering our students the widest set of academic opportunities.

  • Establishing an institution in best international practices
  • Offering a well-rounded educational program for our children
  • Providing our staff with a challenging working environment
  • Bringing together the best teaching professionals
  • Preparing qualified experts in every field
  • Working in partnership with our parents

Our broad and balanced international curriculum reflects the importance of understanding academic discipline, community service, the performing arts and good health. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Besides is going to be accredited by Pearson Edexcel International organization and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan what gives students the opportunity to get two certificates and choose the best universities in the world for admission. We identify existing gaps in education by psychological testing, as well as checking the level of knowledge, and then work out an individual approach for each of our student during admission process.


We are passionate about girls’ education and encourage our girls to grow intellectually, think independently and become responsible, confident young women.  

Admission is open

— classes from 1 to 11 classes, however this year girls of 1-8 classes are accepted in russian and uzbek classes;

— classes are held from 08:30 to 17:30;

— with in-depth study of English and mathematics;

— 4 meals during the day are provided.

The program was developed in accordance with the state educational system and will cooperate with international organizations and implement projects at the international level. The school has the highest standards of international and national education, which ensures exceptional academic success for students of all levels.

A cosmic program is waiting for you: a science and entertainment show with chemical experiments, creative workshops, an informative lecture from a researcher at the Ulugbek Astronomical Institute. Also, guests can watch the launch of a rocket model into the sky.


The more responsible the state, society and parents come to the issue of education, the more likely that in the future Uzbekistan will be proud of the generation that can change the world and expand the horizons of the unknown. In the conditions of modern Uzbekistan, our Republic is ambitious and determined to reach a qualitatively new level of development. The emergence of uzbek female astronaut is an extremely difficult task, but doable.

We are opening a new school

We are opening a school that will bring up a new generation that can master any profession. Astronauts are no exception.

Girls cosmonauts are even better.

Why not! We make the impossible possible!

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Language Courses

Travel to the world of languages with us!

  •  language courses of different levels
  • natural science
  • early development center (preschool age)
  • classes are conducted by experienced teachers
  • convenient class schedule
  • an individual approach to each listener 

At the end of the course the corresponding certificate is issued.

Latest News

The Innovation Center «MIRZO-ULUGBEK» (Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center) organized the brightest event of the year — IT Women’s Gap, dedicated to wonderful and talented women who devoted themselves to the field of IT.

See how Al-Beruniy School celebrated April 12 — Aviation and Cosmonautics day, a memorable date dedicated to the first manned space flight. It was a special day — the day of the triumph of science and STEM-education!

Great news! Our teachers have completed STEM training courses, organized by the Center of Educational Sciences and Technologies of Istanbul Aydın University. Classes were held at the STEM laboratory located on campus in Floria. Now our school has the first STEM certification in Uzbekistan!





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